Building a Business with Brand Strategy


Are You Getting Your Market Share?

Hotel Distribution Management is about how to get your hotel's rates and information to markets, and platforms where your target audience searches for accommodations. Whatever your specific travel destination, your hotel's website or staff cannot be everything to every guests. You shoul focus on finding and using supporting channels of distribution based on market segments where your customers exist. You don't have to do it yourself, let BITSolutions's over 20 years experience work for you.

  • Build partnerships Online Travel Agencies and distribution channels
  • Setup and management of Extranets, gives your hotel an edge
  • Grow your distribution network to improve your hotel's market share

Reach Guests Through Partnerships

Your hotel's partnership with OTAs and other distibution channels works. However, not all partnerships are equal nor provide the same outcome or results. It takes time to evaluate and develop these relationships, and takes a lot of effort in maintaining those partnerships - the more you put in, the more you stand to gain. Do you have the time? Our team at BITSolution has already established close relationship with key distribution partners and stand ready to work these relationships for you.

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) - Expedia, or
  • Global Distribution Platforms - Sa***e, Galileo, Worldspan or Amadeus
  • You Booking Engine - Increase direct online bookings via your website

Hotel Distribution Strategy - Getting Your Market Share


As you seek to increase direct online bookings via your website, you should ensure that it resonate with guests too. Your website booking engine should be simple and easy to use by visitors, allow your customer to book in just a few clicks and most importantly, the booking process must give confidence to the user at various stages. BITSolution will guide you on the best practices to achieve a satisfactory online experience for your guests, remove the guessing game from the booking process to offering security to visitors to your websites.

If you do not have a hotel booking engine on your marketing website, BITSolutions will research, recommend, implement an online booking solution that is suitable for you and offer extranet management services to support.


A distribution strategies must be a part of your online marketing efforts and Online Travel Agencies is a proven way of reaching a wider audience to improving your hotel market share. However, having the right OTA as partner is crucial to your success – BITSolutions will get you the partners that will be a good fit for your business, especially with so many options available, you will need the expert knowledge that will negotiate the best agreement for your hotel.

With over 15 years combined experience and knowledge in online marketing and revenue management, rest assured that the BITSolutions will place you in the right company, manage room availability, advise on best revenue management practices, load and manage your rates and information.


If you hotel is not connected to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), you are missing out in reaching a network of over 650,000+ travel agents and travel professionals worldwide.  Modern travel technology works for your while you sleep and an integration of the GDS, the OTAs and your marketing website does exactly that.   BITSolutions Canada will work to ensure you get the best value for your money with the following services.

  • Linked to GDS worldwide and travel websites
  • Email notifications for confirmed bookings
  • Support your business development strategy
  • Revenue management for optimum results
  • Strategic Marketing and distribution plan

Get Listed, Earn More

LET THAT EXTRA BEDROOM SPACE WORK FOR YOU:  Have an extra home or bedroom you are not using? There are thousands of vacation seekers, or business travelers, who wants to stay outside the traditional hotel or resort experience.  Give them your space as an option to stay and can earn as much as $20,000, or more, yearly.  Perhaps you have no time manage or market, not to worry, contract us to hosts your guests, market your space  distribute your rates and you just collect!