Responsive Website Designs


Our responsive website designs always keeps in mind, your idea – from inception to implementation. In the design and development of your marketing website or eCommerce website; our team will use some of the most advance cutting edge interactive media technologies to keep you abreast with the latest trend and ahead of the game. Fully supported supported by a dedicated electronic media professionals. You can expect a smooth, streamlined and integrated approach to website design and development from BITSolutions, a full service online marketing service provider in Canada.

  • ­A single design to fit your desktop, tablet and mobile phone
  • ­Sleek design with a modern look and feel that will make a difference.
  • ­Boost your revenue with strategically built user experience

We believe that bits of information creates greater knowledge, hence, we are very meticulous in the website design and development process.

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Our Website Design Process

Our website design process considers your needs and ensure we craft a website that reflects your personal or business brand.   From our initial discussion to delivery of finished product, we create a visually appealing  website to get the user’s attention.

Understanding Your Needs

We capture your needs and vision for the website during this process.  You literally only have a matter of seconds to grab users’ attention. Hence, it is important that your website design is attractive enough in the eyes of your visitor. Knowing what works, or won’t, your target market well in terms of what may resonate visually with them will help.

If your business does not have a brand look and feel, BITSolutions will assist you in creating a brand look, ask about our Graphic Design Print Services.

web design consultation

Wire-frame Design

Having discussed your needs, our team will present a sketch or draft of the concept of your website’s layout, content and functions. before we start the actual design to fit the look and feel of your company’s brand – colour scheme, images, page dynamics, font styles and much more.

This process is like a blueprint of how your website’s structures and conveys the primary direction and description of the user interface and experience.  Once you are satisfied with the concept of interactive flow, we move to the next stage.

Completed Designs

Our designers will create the final design, once we are satisfied that your approved wire-frame concept meets the desired flow of interactions. We then capture your brand experience – colour scheme, images, page dynamics, font styles and more.

The visual website design depicting your brand is implemented and tested tested. We will work closely with your team to accurately reflect your brand experience to make a desirable and appealing user experience at each touch points of the process.