BITSolutions Canada Ltd.

Started in 2004, BITSolutions is a Business Internet Technology Solutions provider in Jamaica with industry partners as far as United States of America, Canada and the UK. We are committed to offering online marketing services and consultation for small- to medium-sized companies globally, who would otherwise find it difficult to access these services due to limited budget.

BITSolutions’ service mantra is simple – if you have an internet technology problem, we offer a solution.  Our range of services will see to your challenges –  whether you are in the travel, tourism, construction, service or training industry.   Internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, rate distribution services, extranet management, website design and development, graphic design and print, online reputation management and search engine optimization are a few of the internet marketing solutions we offer.

It's More About You with BITS of Us

What We Say
It’s really more about you with bits of us.   Your company’s expertise is more valuable than even our 20 years combined experience in marketing, sales, administration and revenue management. So let BITSolutions Canada assist you in letting the world know your value and services through online visibility. Given our partnerships with several technology giants, we will provide you with the professional turnkey services that will take your business places.
Our Mission
To assist you to reach your target audience even while you sleep.  Any business without an online presence is at a disadvantage in reaching a wider audience, this is especially true for small- to medium-sized companies with limited budget. If you are a hotel owner, tour operator, travel agent, construction management company, event planner – whatever your product or industry, you can gain from our expertise.
Our Vision
Our vision is to the voice for small- to medium size business, magnifying your vision.   Yes, your vision counts, so the team at BITSolutions Canada will translate it virtually to a global online audience.  We will help you to reach your target markets using elements of traditional marketing with non-traditional marketing (online marketing solutions) to ensure optimum results. With your business needs and objectives in mind – your vision becomes our mission.

Know More About Us

Our Assurance To You
We will be your voice on the online global marketplace, integrating elements of traditional marketing and internet marketing strategies for you – our client, always keeping in mind your business needs and objectives. We are committed to an integrated approach to service that will bring our client’s success and the desired outcome.
Our Philosophy
We believe that Internet Marketing is a link within a larger framework of your company’s needs and objectives. Hence, we make it our duty to fully understand all aspect of your business’s operations and to provide the best solution. It is true that sometimes you need just “BITS” more to increase your bottom line – you can count on us to get you there!
Our Team
Our greatest asset is our team members who have consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients over the last 15 years. Starting with our team of capable online marketing experts, we come from a diverse backgrounds. The team pride itself in providing a strategic, integrated approach to digital marketing and the results it delivers.